11 schwarz matt - Bügel innen blau matt . black matt - temples inside blue matt
31 grau matt - Bügel innen rot matt . grey matt - temples inside red matt
51 bordeaux matt - Bügel innen grau matt . bordo matt - temples inside grey matt
72 marine matt - Bügel innen mais matt . navy matt - temples inside maize matt



Masculine square - center part and temples outside in matte, elegant solid colors, the temple insides are also matte worked - but in striking contrasting tone for that certain extra twist. MADE IN ITALY!


The frame has an integrated screwless spring hinge, and the IV. generation adjustable nose pads guarantee a perfect fit.  


Replaces model 44012


stainless steel profil . full rim . 59/19/145/39.5 . screwless spring hinge . Made in Italy . gentleman


B&B Collection Cashmere

The collection impresses with its minimalist design. The clear puristic design language in symbiosis with the feel of brushed stainless steel surfaces focused on the essentials.