Style and individuality, as well as innovation and quality, are the principles of our business and product design is a key success factor. A good product does not need to be more expensive than a bad one. However, it differs in its balanced proportions, fine-tuned coloring and fit.

Good eyewear design combines functionality and aesthetics and must emphasize the personality of the wearer. Every person is unique and has the right to individual glasses that suit and allows to differentiate from other people.



Responsibility lies with the designer of glasses. Glasses can enhance faces or deface them. We are aware of this responsibility and always consider it in the design and selection of our collections. We never choose the easy way, but always the laborious one: Many small details, consistently designed, completed without compromise and produced lavishly. No meaningless and pompous grandstanding.



A good hundred years of history have already been written, both for the company as well as the family history. During that time we have expanded our business and brand portfolio with its distinctive, confident and exclusive designer lines with consideration to the tiniest details. Nowadays, our eyewear is worn by men and women around the world.


Present & Future

In order to do justice to the present and future, to the continuation of our successful business development, as well as its tradition, handing over the business to the next generation, Anna-Lena & Julia, was the logical choice.



Our success depends on the people who understand and implement our concepts. Therefore, our idea of ​​team spirit is not only limited to our internal and external sales representatives, but also includes our customers

B&B Eyewear and the ophthalmic retailers make a strong team.